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Well, it's 95% complete so it's time to share.  Thanks again Laura!!!!  If you have never seen the video for a Z fold mini check out Laura's sites:
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This is my grandson Paul's Elementary School Mini.  He's in his last year of Elementary and this is the third child we've put through Hayes Leonard Elementary.  They're probably grateful the gang's almost gone!  I'll just be glad when there are only two bus schedules I need to remember!
Lots of pictures ahead.  Not all the bling is added yet.  I wanted Paul to help me decide what should go where and he is SO slow at picking things out.
The front cover:

 Inside the font cover and the view of the first album page.
 There is a ton of space in this album for pictures, journaling, and mementos.
I took the pages back out of the book to photograph them.  It was easier to hold them open. All the pages are the basic design so I will only explain the layout for this one.  Each "Folder Tag" is made from Craft card and covered to look like a blackboard.  There are four areas for pictures or journaling.  There are three sizes of Folder Tags.  These are the sizes of the folded tags:
Small -2" by 2.5"
Medium - 2.25" by 5.25"
Large - 5.25" by 5.25"

Small flap page - the maple leaf brad divides this pocket page into two sections.  A small folder tag is inserted into each section  [There is really room for two tags in each section, but we limited it to one.]  We are planning on putting Paul's school picture in the top pocket section and adding notes; then putting his teacher(s) pictures in the bottom pocket section.

 Lifting the small tag reveals the pocket for the large tag folder.  There is also lots of spaces for notes or small photos on the back of the front tab and the area below the "Class" title.  The Class titles were cut on the Cricut using Plantin Schoolbook. I just had to use and apple for the Kindergarten title. This picture also shows the front of the second flap.  There is a medium tag folder that inserts from the top.  We want to use this tag for special activities like field trips, class parties, the KinderPal program etc.
This is the back of the first page.  The colors change, but are connected to the colors of the front by the "Class" title coloring.  The back of the second flap is on the left, then there is a 6" by 5.75" mat on the back (left side).  We are planning on putting the class photo there.
 First Grade:
 I used Gold Stars for the 1st grade Class Title.  His teachers for that year were really into handing out stars for homework assignments.  Still lots of apples.  I found that most of the pre-made elements are buses, stars, apples, and "abc" or "1+1+2".

 Second Grade:
 The big "drama" in second grade was the changing of the bus driver.  Becky was the driver for our route for the seven years my grandchildren had been going to Hayes. Now we had a new bus driver.  Wow, who would have known that was going to be a problem, but it was! LOL

 Third Grade:
 In third grade the school has a "Reading Buddy" program.  I used that for the pictorial part of the Class Title. Notice the pack your lunch sticker?  This was the year Paul became picky and wouldn't eat the school cafeteria food.  They knew I had so much free time in the morning as it was!

 Forth Grade:
We started out with big smiles.
 Then Math and Science made huge leaps where "we" made small steps.
 But, he became a "Cool" artist.  Sorry about the picture it does say "Artist".
 Fifth Grade
Well, this is where we are now.  The smiley face (frown) was because he had homework on the first day of school.  It's exactly what he looked like when he got home. LOL
 In 5th grade the students become the KinderPals for the Kindergarten class.  So I chose two silhouettes to show Paul has come full circle from the student to the teacher in that program.  The music staff is because he started cello in the orchestra this year.

 The back cover of the book:  I like the way the covers are pages are not attaached to each other in this Mini Album.  It allows things to be added between the pages and expansion can be achieved by getting larger page rings.
 Closeups of the Folder tags.
Small (2.5" x 2") - there are 12 in total.
 Medium (2.75" x 5.25")- there are 6 in total.
 Large (5.25" x 5.25")- there are 8 in total.
Wow- one down two to go.  Then there's middle school and high school. ..... sigh.  I need a nap!
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