Paper Bag Mini Album

This is my first paper mini album made from paper bags.  I used the instructions from Laura from Following the Paper Trail.  Many different features and new techniques for me this time.  The theme of this mini is flowers and friends.
I covered the mini with green canvas fabric, another take on an example of Laura's.  I took a lot of pictures...:)
The cover outside:

Inside the front cover:
The poppy flower seed packet is from K & Company.  I used several throughout the mini as journaling tags.  Most of the trims and designer papers are from scraps in my stash.
The first page:

I included the tags that go into the bags on each page picture.
The second pages (I used a light green mess fabric to cover the first of these pages):

The fan was made with a button and piece of a paper doily.  The flowers are Prima.
The third set of pages:

I used one of the frames in Sentimental to make these tags.  I love the music staff paperclip.  Staples has them.
The fourth set of pages:

Both of these tags are the same.  I used another cut from Sentimental and placed the frame on one side and the insert on the other.
The last page and back cover: (Bet you never thought it would get here):

This is my favorite fairy in the book.  They were on a rub on sheet at Michaels called Fairies and Flowers.
I liked all the creative spaces this album style creates.  I won't do another with paper bags from the grocer, they are very uneven and I don't like the side view of the bags.  I will try another with better paper bags.
I hoped you liked looking at this.  I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes.  It's been a rough spring and summer for me, but I'm still here going day by day!
Hugs and blessings