Christmas Card - Three different ones

Never to early to start Christmas cards, right?  Here are three I worked on last week.
#1.  I wanted to use the rub on scene.  I just love winter pictures and if there's a home in it that an extra bonus for me.  The rub on is from Michaels.  The packs are themed based and have three different pictures.  I love the on looking birds of this one.
 I like to keep the insides simple and allow lots of space for a note to the recipient.
 This crocheted lace came from Hobby Lobby.  I just added tiny buttons and gold thread for highlights.
 #2. The saying is a transparency from Paper Wishes.  A sheet of transparencies was part of a monthly kit I purchased a couple of years ago.  I like to bring the sheet out each Christmas and use a few on cards.

I apologize for the photography.  The images appear "green", but in real life they are a beautiful aqua and blue.
Here's a full view of the card cover.  Some of the snowflakes are wooden, some are paper/foil punches and the one big one is a metal brad.
There are also aqua and blue raindrops.  The paper that appears to be striped is AC foil paper with a ribbed texture.

Another transparency -

#3. Some stickers and a 3D penguin.

I was reading about the correct proportions on collages.  I never knew there was a "standard" measurement formula, but am willing to try anything at least once.  The formula is 1: 1/2: 1/4 cross 2.  The 1 is the largest paper in your collage (the green print), the 1/2 is the second paper and it should be 1/2 the size of the first paper (the striped paper), the 1/4 is the third paper and it should be 1/4 the size of the first paper and have a vertical appearance (the red dots).  Any embellishment (the ornament) should overlap at least 2 of the papers.
 I think it came out ok, but I'll need more  practice in rearranging the overlapping.  Well, its a little over three months until Christmas.  3 cards down and a lot to go!

Thanks for stopping by.  Love to hear from you.


  1. These Christmas cards are amazing Sue! I love the rub on's and would have never thought of using them on cards!! They make just beautiful cards and you have embellished them to make the rub on's stand out.

  2. I like your holiday cards! I really like the snowflake one, all of those metallic accents look great, very wintry!!!


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