First snow and more snowflakes

Our first snow of this winter - here's the view of my backyard at 6:00 am.

Of course it was all melted by 3:00 pm.  I was happy, but the grand kids were disappointed.

To celebrate - here's round three of Cricut snowflakes

The group shot:

Closeup of the Swan snowflake:

Closeup of the Pine Tree snowflake:

Closeup of my favorite the Angel snowflake:

Closeup of the Spires snowflake:

Closeup of the "It reminds me of a church" snowflake:


Closeup of one that is not in this group the Rudolph snowflake:

I just love his red nose(s):

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you are have a great weekend.  If you haven't seen the other snowflakes, just click on the label snowflakes.  It will take you to all the posts.

I still have three I need to make since I gave the originals away.  They are really unusual and quite pretty.  I'll try to get them done and posted this week.


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  1. Sue, your snowflakes are just breathtaking!! So absolutely gorgeous! Can't believe you've had snow already! Have a great week, my friend.


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