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I've been busy, really.  Getting the kids ready for Halloween and trying to get the outside prepped for winter is first priority now.  I've worked on a few cards, but they'll be posted in a day or two.  Just need to fine tune a few things.  Today, I decided to break off some of my projects onto separate blog pages.  The first being a page just for C F Missions.  I will not be posting missions as instructional or "hey look what I'm doing", but I did want to keep track of what I am doing (if you would like to see the pics just click on the superman to the left at the top of my blog).  Tomorrow's a big day for my family.  They love Halloween and I hope to get some pictures of the kids.  Although, I like their "baby" outfits more than what they choose now days.  I think they're all vampires or zombie now.  Oh well, I'll have to settle for the neighborhood's little ones to bring the cute and cuddly costumes out!


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