Cookbook Mini - BBQ Double Twist

Hi!  Finally got a computer again.  Nothing's worse that having three children and two adults without access to the internet during most of August!!!!  But we survived.  Gee, remember what play time was like before electronics?

Here's one of my new mini albums:

After learning how to make the double twist card, http://www.card-making-magic.com/doubletwistedeasel.html, I decided to try out the technique on a mini album.  It's a mini based on a BBQ menu, and I plan on giving it to a friend.  I haven't included the recipes or the binding decorations yet because I'm not sure which friend is getting the book.  I like to make the books personal to the recipient.

This is the cover.

The back of the cover makes the page the recipe (or in this case the menu) will be placed.   There would be plenty of room for a picture also.

The next page (which looks rather sideways becomes the side by side pop-ups.

Here are the pages popped up.  There is space between the pictures, on the lower portion to place a picture or a comment.
This is a picture of the bottom of the pop up pieces and the layer attaching the page set.
 The rest of the page sets are shown in the same picture order.

The recipe for this page will probably be "Rosey Dew Punch" - it's a combination of Diet Code Red Mountain Dew and Crystal Light Lemonade.

The next page set is for the meat dish.  I will probably use my son's recipe for BBQ pork tenderloin.

The next page set will be for the grilled vegetables.

This page set will be for my mother's Mashed Potato Salad.  It's a family favorite especially my Dad's.

There has to be something sweet.  I'm thinking the Strawberry Twinkie cake.

The last page is for a special note to the friend that gets the book.

The nice thing about this is the mini stands by itself to see the recipes.
Because this was for a BBQ, I used Craft Card stock.  I think it is too rough looking, but I'm hoping the rest of the accents will soften the appearance.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I appreciate any comments.

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  1. What a cute idea! Your friend is sure to love it... and if you ever decide to share some of those yummy sounding recipes... ;)


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