Some turkey suprises

I wanted to share a couple of turkeys we had at Thanksgiving.  The first turkey was made by my grandson, Paul, at his Webelos meeting.
He made it with an Oreo, candy corn, and a few M&Ms.

The other turkey my DIL purchased from a lady where she works.  It was just beautiful and yummy!  Here are a few pics.

The turkey's body was a ball of the most delicious chocolate "hollow" thank goodness or we would have all been sick.  The feathers, wings, head and breast were sugar cookies with either colored icing and sugar crystals or chocolate icing.  Even the feet were cookies.  My grand children loved the cookies on sticks.  It was a fun decoration and nice dessert treat.

The nutcrackers on either side of the turkey are my granddaughter Beth's.  She collections them and this year her mom found some that were for Thanksgiving. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Sue! Your grandson is such a cutie! The turkey basket is awesome. I love nutcrackers too but I've never seen them for Thanksgiving...how cool is that?


I love to read your messages, thanks!! Sue