Holiday Cookbook Day 4

It's two for one day.  I'm taking a break from the sweet stuff and heading over to some appetizers.  When I make cheese spreads, I make these two at the same time.  They are similar in structure and require like ingredients.   
The first spread recipe came from a co-worker.  My son loves this spread so I make it for every holiday.  In fact, he's the one who made sure I got the recipe in the first place.  I've seen it on the web as Dried Beef Spread, but we just use the Buddig beef from the deli case of the grocery store.  
This is a simple but hearty spread, and usually a favorite with the guys.

The second spread is a creation I made because I like smoked salmon, but it is way too expensive for my budget.  This recipe turns out creamy and spreads well on crackers or cocktail bread.  You can use canned salmon but you need to skin and bone it (sorry but yuck!). I was really happy when Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea came out with the sealed bags already cleaned.  I use one large or two of these packages. This is my daughter-in-law's favorite so I make it for every holiday.  Notice a pattern here? :)

So, everyone start your mixers!  

The double page spread (no pun intended):
Page one:
Page two:
These are 6" by 6" cards with a 2" border at the top. I chalked the edges with light blue. The words "fish" and "beef" are cut from "From My Kitchen".  The cow is from Paper Doll Dress Up (pg 47), and the little boy fishing is from A Child's Year.  All were cut at 2".  Since the cow didn't have layers, I cut out 3 (1 pink, 1 white, and 1 brown) then pieced them to make the final cow.  Isn't he cute?  I love animals and cows are near the top of the list. I used  3 buttons on each page tied with dark brown jute.  The titles are printed on my computer.  I was looking for a button that said "go" so my card would read "eat beef" and "go fish", but I didn't find any.  So "cheese" is there until I find a "go".

Hope you like them.  If you have a chance, leave a comment.  It's so nice to hear from you.  I won't be posting tomorrow, but this weekend I'll post my Stuffing Sandwich Bread.  I can smell the sage now...


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  1. Sue these are adorable!! And I just might have to try the beef spread! We all love buddig around here!



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