I'm Thinking of You Butterflies

This weekend I did two new things.  I made a shaker card (see Cricut Card Monday #3) and I tried using my markers to make matching elements for a card.  I never can find lace or matching gems to go with my card stock .  So, since I was already coloring the butterflies for this project, I decided to color the lace and the gems.  I think they came out pretty close to the correct color.  The gems are not as dark as the photo indicates. 
The card stock was a dark mauve.  I dyed the white lace with a dark maroon Sharpie marker.  On the gems, I needed to put a layer of maroon and then a layer of brown.  The maroon made the clear gems too red.
My butterflies were silver and white glitter stick-ons (a generic Dazzle).  I used maroon, red, brown, green and pink Sharpies to color them.  The maroon on the silver came out copper colored.

This was fun and I am pleased with the results.  So, I think I will be making more "matching" elements.

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  1. so pretty, I love the buyyerflies and choice of colors


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