Holiday Cookbook Day 5

Wow, I can tell I started way too many projects at the same time. Sorry for the delays in the cookbook pages.
Today we have Stuffing Bread.  I make mine in a bread machine because I can no longer knead dough because of the arthritis in my hands.  I rarely bake it in the bread machine, but I do all the steps up until the baking then I transfer the dough to my bread pan and bake in the oven.  I usually don't use this to make stuffing, although it is very good for flavor.  We like to make turkey sandwiches on this bread.  It's like a second Thanksgiving meal.
The sign post is from Pooh and Friends and is cut at 4".  The bread is from From My Kitchen and is cut at 2".  The font for the sign is from Calligraphy Collection and is cut at 1".  The title font is from Plantin Schoolbook and is cut at 1".  The paper is from an old K&Company stack.  I thought the blue card stock I used on for the recipe brought out the blue in the background.   Here are closeups of the pages:

Thanks for stopping by. If you get a chance, please leave a comment.  I cherish them all, but I know how busy everyone is this time a year.  Take care.

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