Faux Laser Cut Cards

I've always liked laser cut cards, but the images are limited and the prices are bit much.  So I tried to create a similar cuts.  They came out rather nice.  I use various Cricut cartridges for the images using my Gypsy to remove the outer frames before cutting.  I backed the front cover of the cards with Origami foil paper.  It is so thin that it hardly adds any weight to the card, plus the light reflections are very intense.  I have a few samples -  two for Halloween and two for Christmas.

The first Halloween card is cut from the card template in Walk in My Garden.  I backed it with Sapphire Blue foil.  The second is my favorite, but it doesn't photograph well.  Since the card and the bat are both black the gold foil shine spectacularly when it is in the right light

I wish I could photograph them better.  The jack-o-lantern looks like it had candle light in person.

The ghost is from PDDU

The card and bat are both black.

The two Christmas cards were my prototypes.  The tree is a bit off center.  I used plain white card stock for both cards.  I ran the front only through the Cuttlebug to give some texture.  The Holly card is my favorite.  The tree is cut from Lyrical Letters.

These are very simple and fast to make.

This tree is perfect for this type of card.

My favorite of this group.


  1. I love your Christmas tree card. It's beautiful.



  2. Hi Sue, What nice projects - I love to use "hide selected contour" and get some of these effects. The foil backing really adds to the look. Have fun experimenting - I have used that tree for a larger design that looks really amazing when it is all cut. I should post that sometime...


I love to read your messages, thanks!! Sue